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The product in the form of a mobile application is part of a project developed within the framework of cooperation between countries located by the Baltic Sea (Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Poland). The aim of the partners is to develop a common intervention model in the field of prevention of lifestyle related diseases, including tools co-created by the users. In this case, it will be a mobile application that will support young people in making decisions to avoid alcohol consumption.

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The product is supposed to be a socio-economic innovation, so it addresses economic and social problems and is meant to create new value for society. In this particular case, the innovation concerns the way of reaching the target group. Here we are dealing with a mobile application that will support young people in avoiding alcohol consumption. Young people are very active users of cell phones and their applications, so this version of the tool can be accepted by the target group. So far, there have been no mobile applications on the market that would implement alcohol prevention activities among young people.

Why Your Choice?

The entire project is based on the slogan “Your Choice”. Why? It has been pointed out that young people always have a choice when it comes to alcohol consumption. No matter what their circumstances are (growing up in an alcohol-dependent family, pressure from friends who encourage alcohol consumption, etc.), it is entirely up to them to decide whether they will regularly and frequently use alcohol. They don’t have to consume alcohol because their friends put such pressure on them, or because they are raised in a family of alcoholics and have been labelled a person who will certainly also consume alcohol frequently. Thanks to the application, which is supposed to help reduce alcohol consumption among young people, the choice may turn out to be much easier as the youth will learn that they do not have to drink alcohol often, they can spend their time in an entirely different and interesting way and will learn about the benefits connected with not consuming alcohol. 

Mission in the context of the product.

The City Council’s mission is to reduce the number of minors living in its area who use alcohol by providing an application that will have a preventive effect. The City Hall’s vision is that by promoting the app, young people, through the use of the product, will not see the need to consume alcoholic beverages to taste, impress other people, solve their problems, seek pleasure and relaxation in stimulants. The goal is to reduce this number not only for moral reasons, but also for economic reasons. Moral issues are of course concern for the citizens of the city, taking care of the good education of young people, who are the future of the nation, and alcohol results in depravity. On the other hand, economic issues, and thus the cost is, for example, to pay staff, unnecessary interventions in connection with behavior, appearing by people intoxicated with alcohol. The bodies involved are not only health services, but also services guarding public safety and order, such as municipal police, security contractors, and police. Social workers, pedagogues, educators are also involved in children’s alcohol problems. Through inappropriate behavior, public order, the reputation, and culture of the city are violated. Often young people who use drugs at an early age have issues with education, developing their interests, taking care of their health, both mental and physical. Each city wants to have many educated people, entrepreneurs, activists, and not pathological environments that instead of bringing order, bring harm. It is worth noting that the alcohol issue is widespread in large cities, which makes it all the more important for the City Hall to see the need for the dissemination of preventive measures, that is, the introduction of the application.

Project participants

ozdobnikmdpi 2

Project implementation time:

Czas realizacji projektu:
2018 to 2020 roku
Leader: Adam Olszewski
Tel: 510 117 254
email: adol@man.poznan.pl