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Musica Posthumana

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In the Future Labs studios, a Poznan-based art collective produced an interactive performance Musica Posthumana using motion data sonification technologies.

Pictured: P. Durski A. Kaminska D. Więcek
Photo author: M. Zakrzewski
Pictured: J. Czerski, P. Degórski, P. Durski, A. Kamińska, M. Kaca, J. Skorupa, D. Więcek
Photo author: M. Zakrzewski
On the photo: P. Durski P. Degórski A. Kamińska D. Więcek
Author of photo: M. Zakrzewski

In the Future Labs workshop, the Poznan collective of dancers, sound artists and composers (Jakub Czerski, Przemysław Degórski, Patryk Durski, Anna Kaminska, Marta Kaca, Jan Skorupa, Dominik Więcek) produced an interactive performance Musica Posthumana. The project made use of the Opti Track movement tracking system, by means of which the dancers’ movement created a generative soundtrack.

Musica Posthumana refers to the Boethian theory of the three spheres, which divides music into musica instrumentalis – music heard by man, musica humana – music of harmony of the soul and body, and musica mundana – music of harmony of the Universe. The performance expands this division with the fourth element – the title musica posthumana, in which the boundaries of the division proposed by Boethius become blurred, while sound acquires autonomous causality, enters into dynamic relations with other elements of the environment and empowers inanimate beings.

According to the artists, the Musica Posthumana spectacle is an environment that functions based on relations between sound, movement, and technology. Their existence and constant intertwining makes it difficult to talk about the elements of the spectacle as isolated, self-sufficient matter. The perspective of entities functioning solely because of their influence on each other becomes more advantageous.

The premiere of the performance took place on 05.11.2019 at the Zamek Cultural Center.

Project partners

ozdobnikmdpi 2

Future Labs, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, CK Zamek, Theater Residency Center Working Scene