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Open Space of Support

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The project called “Open Space of Support” (OSS) is PSNC Future Labs’ answer to the needs of Ukrainian visitors, who had to leave their country as a result of military operations in the area.

Thanks to the support of PSNC, involvement of the founders of Mozaika artistic company, many volunteers, and donors we managed to create a beautiful place full of colours, where the youngest can play under the supervision of a babysitter, while mothers in the next room e.g., learn Polish or gain new skills.

We run a playroom for children, organized classes for children, teenagers, and adults – dance, language learning, artistic activities, communication development, we conduct individual consultations with specialists, we exchange experiences and support each other. We are waiting for people who want to join us!

Photo Magda Madaj, PCSS


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The Open Support Space started its official operation on April 24, 2022. It was a special day for the inaugural meeting – the Orthodox Easter (Православний Великдень) is celebrated on this day.

As part of the attraction, the actors of the Mozaika theatre performed. Tickets for the performance were collected as a contribution to the further functioning of the Space. The artists approached their task professionally – they revealed to the audience secret ways of creating songs. The participants also had the opportunity to taste traditional Ukrainian dishes.

The meeting was an opportunity to thank all people and institutions involved in the creation of the OSS on Zwierzyniecka Street. The last few days were full of preparations, activities, and work, thanks to which we can start further actions.

“The Open Space of Support” is not just a slogan – it is a reality because anyone who wants to work with us can join our space. The youngest can play here, learn to dance or play the guitar, while in the next room their parents will learn languages or acquire new competencies.


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The Mozaika artistic company is a team of creative and energetic people who share a passion for working with children. The team has many years of experience in staging performances, concerts, and workshops aimed at children and families with children. It provides children with regular contact with various forms of art – from music, through dance and theatre, to traditional culture. Mozaika’s activities regularly contribute to the cultural programme of educational institutions and cultural centres in Wielkopolska and Mazovia, and are part of series of initiatives such as Pograjki – family interactive concerts at Poznań Gate ICHOT. The company has been a frequent guest at festivals such as: All the Mazurkas of the World in Warsaw, Jagielloński Fair in Lublin or Perspektywy – 9 Hills Festival in Chełmno. The Mozaika ensemble willingly engages in initiatives for the benefit of society.

Photo Olga Ormańczyk, PCSS


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We started a long-term action for people coming from Ukraine. Within the created space, we help in three dimensions:

PHYSICAL: specific rooms for learning and playing have been prepared and fully equipped, as well as a place to collect in-kind donations for people visiting the Space.

HUMAN: the initiative gathers various people, who create the atmosphere of the place, offer their time and skills, share their good energy, help in everyday functioning of the Space.

EMOTIONAL: every form of support, conversation, listening to needs offered by the Space gives us hope that even far away from home and one’s environment one can feel valuable, everyone who joins us will feel “taken care of”.



Become a volunteer

Make a contribution

Bring your donations

Do you want to help together with us? Do you have an idea for interesting activities? Do you want to help by getting involved in activities during events, meetings or on duty?

We encourage you to materially support our Space. To the point located in PSNC Future Labs, Zwierzyniecka 20 Street, you can bring durable food, clothes, and personal hygiene products.


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We organize activities for children, youth, and adults. We make sure that during classes for children, parents have space for themselves, and children are busy during meetings for parents. If you want to take part in the activities, please look at our calendar and contact us. Registration is required.


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