Z2P Stage

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Z2P Stage is a series of interdisciplinary events of a musical nature, where next to regular concerts, unconventional and unique events are presented, mediating between science, art, and technology.

Graphics: Paweł Sołoducha

Z2P stage is a series of concerts and performances held in the art & science laboratory at PSNC Future Labs. The assumption of Z2P stage is to present, apart from regular concerts, events in which new technology becomes an equal musical instrument. Z2P stage is also a space of mediation through technology, science and art, which results in sound, sound art or performative experiments. Within the Z2P cycle, we do not want to limit ourselves to purely musical events. We are interested in all interdisciplinary sound forms which go far beyond the concept of a musical piece. We look for various ways of expression, which are multiplied by technological tools.