Wait Safe: patient queue management

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How to improve the waiting-time comfort of patients in hospitals or clinics?
Wait Safe monitors your place in line. It allows you to wait in comfortable and less stressful spaces than the regular waiting rooms across medical facilities. You can check your queue status live on the website without logging in, on the screen in the waiting room, or by accepting an SMS informing about your upcoming visit. The solution is ideal for with lengthy waiting times, limited physical space, and where the patients are mainly children, seniors or people with special needs.
Wait Safe is not commercial - we are looking for partners, not clients. On the one hand, we welcome medical units, interested in testing the tool. On the other hand, we invite IT integrators, interested to include the solution in their offer. Wait Safe involves social partners and volunteers, prioritizes the patients' needs and comfort with no interference with the existing systems.
The basic function of Wait Safe is the Queue Management System, providing a clear information on the screen, on the website, and via SMS. It does not store sensitive patient data and does not require logging in to access the information. The solution requires no integration with other existing systems, such as HIS.

Project participants

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Children's Hospital at Krysiewicza Street - Specialist Healthcare Complex for Mother and Child in Poznań
Jarosław Drobny Jakub Orlik
Kaja Kucz
Magdalena Baranowska-Szczepańska
Wojciech Witczak

Project Leader

PSNC Future Labs
Project implementation time:
From March 2020 to December 2022
Contact: Paweł Grajkowski
Phone: 728 357 814