QL Future hackathon

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QL Future is impact. It is your unique opportunity to join efforts of IBM and PSNC Future Labs towards making our FUTURE COOL.
QL Future is a hackathon aimed at bringing together young people to brainstorm, develop innovative ideas, solutions related to human, planet and climate issues. The event provides a unique opportunity for participants to access and experiment with quantum computers. Not an expert in quantum computing? No worries – nobody is – this event is designed for all levels of quantum expertise. We also have design challenges for zero tech expertise.

📆 27-28 May 2023
🏛️ Zwierzyniecka 20, Poznan (PSNC Future Labs)
👥 IBM & PSNC Future Labs

QL Future is aimed at people from med, tech, life and other sciences,who want co-develop innovative ideas and solutions to save humans, our planet and the climate. Everyone can take part in it.
📝 Registration at website: https://qlfuture.eu

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See you there!