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Project participants

Magdalena Baranowska-Szczepańska

Project realization time

2020 - 2022

Zwierzyniecka 20 will have no secrets from us! We will uncover all the dusty stories, we will reach the oldest witnesses, and we will find photos and documents damaged by time. And all this together with Jeżyce residents, seniors and young people who will support us in these activities!

Apartments of wealthy bourgeoisie, German consulate, music school, departments of physics, mathematics and archaeology, as well as doctor’s and dentist’s offices, bank branch, carpenter’s shop and a small buffet – all of these have functioned for over 100 years within the walls of an Art Nouveau tenement house at Zwierzyniecka 20 Street. Since February 2020, within Future Labs of Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), located in this very tenement house, the project “Memory Lane – Z20” becomes reality.

We want to find, write down, scan and restore the glow of memories associated with the functioning of this building in the urban space. We have already managed to reach the protagonists who told us fascinating stories, such as how the unforgettable singer Anna Jantar studied in this building, how the Shah of Iran was greeted from the balcony on the second floor, how one of the first neon signs in the city was installed on top of the building. Furthermore, we also have archival records of the tenants of this building since the 1930s, plans and maps of German authorities who wanted to demolish this tenement house. In our archives, we have also collected many photographs. However, there are still many stories hidden within these walls that we have not found yet.

Therefore, if you want to share your memories of the building, if you studied there, worked there, treated there, or if you know something else about it, if you have unique photos or maybe movies, please contact us at the telephone number (61) 858-50-54. Memories, which we ultimately hope to publish as an album, can also be sent to magdabar@man.poznan.pl.

Posnania Town Publishing House is a partner of the project and volunteers from ‘Marcinek’ and ‘Dwójka’ are also involved in the action.

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