Head of PSNC Future Labs

Adam Olszewski

I lead the amazing team at PSNC Future Labs, the first coworking space and living laboratory in Poznan. I like connecting people and organizations that can create impactful services and products. My personal focus is on healthcare (oncology data) and the green industry (digital twins). I’ve raised over PLN 50 million for R&D projects in machine learning/AI, visual technologies (AR/VR), and predictive simulations (CFD, MES). My projects: Shop4cf, I4MS, WINS, SymbIoTe, MIDIH, HPC4Poland, EDIH, Spin-Tech…
I love being close to family and nature. I enjoy all forms of art. Mountain hikes and campervans make me feel alive. Someday, I wish I could play sax and surf like a pro!

+48 510117254