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Adam Olszewski, Paulina Nowak, Wojciech Witczak, Paweł Grajkowski, Kajetan Nowak, Ewelina Moszyk

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Waiting for hours in stuffy, noisy and overcrowded waiting rooms in clinics and hospitals is a reality we often encounter when receiving healthcare. It is easy to get infected from other people and difficult to get fresh air. What if the call to the doctor’s surgery came by text message?

Wait Safe is a system for improving queue management that aims to improve the comfort of patients waiting to be seen in clinics and hospitals. By implementing WaitSafe, it becomes possible to spend time outside the enclosed waiting room. Without the stress of moving away, you will lose your appointment. As soon as you are second in line, the system automatically sends you a message asking you to head towards the surgery. In addition, you can see the status of the queue in real time both from your phone and by going to the screen just outside the surgery. All you have to do is turn up at the surgery or hospital and swipe the card you receive at the registration desk. You don’t need to install anything or register anywhere.


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Don't you think that despite the development of technology in industry, there are still works to be performed by people that are tedious and repetitive?