#Smart City

Pobiedziska Library

Project participants

Adam Olszewski, Ewelina Moszyk, Paweł Grajkowski, Tadeusz Mirski

Project realization time


What do you think about a library to be as a center of local initiatives and creating a new space for youth or parents with children? PSNC Future Labs is a partner of a library in Pobiedziska and has been involved in the preparation of the new headquarters, which was officially open in September 2023. 

We organized design thinking workshops for the library community to better recognize their needs and make the Library an attractive place for young people and caregivers with children. The developed scenarios for the use of space, worked as a prototype for space redefinition and necessary equipment purchases. Next, we engaged Maciej Bidermann, an experienced local interior designer, who, in consultation with the Library and us, pro bono adapted the first version of the project to new functions. We have prepared an expert opinion and study on creating a living laboratory in the Library and equipping it with appropriate devices. Moreover, we engaged the PSNC new media team, thanks to which a new visual identification was created. When arranging the interior, we helped to make a 3D scan of the museum object and print its copy.

In the new headquarters of the Library, comfortable workshop spaces have been created, allowing for joint creation of projects using new technologies. There are various spaces for relaxation and inspiring fun. Also, a small but multifunctional stage appeared. You can stop by for a moment and sit on the stand while waiting for the train. All solutions were designed and fitted in a small space and within a limited budget.

This is one of the most interesting and inspiring libraries in the country. Will others follow in her footsteps?


New members in the first week of operation


Participants in the design thinking workshop


People involved in the project


The course of the testing process


We conducted design thinking workshops designed to address library’s community problems and needs.


We engaged a local leader, an interior designer, who adapted the first prototype of a project.


We’ve developed an expert opinion and study on a library living laboratory creation.


We’ve equipped it with appropriate devices.


We’ve engaged PSNC new media team to develop a new visual identification.


We’ve helped making a 3D scan of the museum object and print its copy.

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Zwierzyniecka 20 will have no secrets from us! We will uncover all the dusty stories, we will reach the oldest witnesses, and we will find photos and documents damaged by time. And all this together with Jeżyce residents, seniors and young people who will support us in these activities!


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